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  1. Alexander [The Great] is indeed a [long] train wreck. Hope you had a stiff drink while watching 😅. She plays a real deathly willful/powerful Mother. What did you think of her husband/King? I was/am more annoyed by Colin Farrell weird and bad bleached blond hair job…but yeah he sounds Irish. Like Sean Connery always sounding Scottish in whatever role he played. But it’s a huge cast with actors who were “unkown” back in 2004 who eventually made it big.

  2. If you’re in for the train wreck, you’re not going to be disappointed, is all I will say. As commenter above suggested, arm yourself with beverageS (as in, many of them). Not kidding, we’re talking Braveheart level stuff here.

  3. You gotta watch the Alexander movie! It is indeed a train wreck lol. Angelina Jolie is hot in that movie though.

  4. True Women was a bit silly/insulting at times (villainization of Native Americans and union soldiers) but I enjoyed it for what it was. Angelina’s character Georgia is more layered than the trailer lets on. I liked it because her backstory was one I had not see in a period film before.

  5. I saw True Women years ago when it ran on television, don’t remember much about it other than, as is usual for westerns, a lot of people die horrible deaths in the wild west.

    I know it doesn’t count, coz Disney and fantasy, but I LOVE her as Maleficent.

  6. Alexander is more than a train wreck. It’s an airplane disaster. But yeah, she’s going to rock Cleopatra Philopater (Cleopatra VII). But my favourite frock flick of hers is Original Sin. I love the 1870s costumes. Besides Bandaras is hot. Drool.😍

  7. I know it’s not a true historical flick, but her turn as Grendel’s mother was creepy fun!

  8. I also vaguely remember watching True Women when it aired! I guess I was… 11?? Whoa. Anyway, very melodramatic, but I would say it’s definitely better than my vague memories (jarred by the Snark Week extravaganza) of North & South. I have kind of low key loved Dana Delaney ever since. Angelina Jolie’s character was higher class and a debutante type as I recall; she gets more real over the course of it and eventually becomes a suffragist I think (or some sort of women’s rights advocate) and, like every woman who becomes interesting and empowered, dies of TB or something similar (the warning cough comes out). They made Jolie suffer a lot in the movie. Delaney’s character has something of a happy marriage I think. — take all recollections with a grain of salt, since it’s been 2 decades, but I really liked it at the time. The trailer made me cringe now on the Native American depictions…

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