11 thoughts on “The Harder They Fall Stylizes the Western

  1. I thought some of those character names were familiar! The frontier was where Americans who had a past they wanted to forget or who just wanted a fresh start went. Obviously ex-slaves would fit that description to a T.

  2. This was marvelous, thanks so much!

    I was so irritated with the casting for Stagecoach Mary. I’m annoyed they went the delicate light-skinned Black woman route in order to make her a sexy love interest and damsel in distress. They really missed an opportunity to put a dark-skinned big and tall woman center stage. Read up on Stagecoach Mary, she was a true badass.

    I’m even more irritated that the woman with the tamborine on stage with Mary would have made a better Stagecoach Mary.

    This happened in The Tudors. In the early episodes, maybe even episode one, there was a big and tale fair skinned red-headed man who looks so much more like Henry than Jonathan Rhys Meyers ever could. It felt like the showrunners were trolling the audience.

    1. I saw Wunmi Mosaku floated as an alternate casting and while she’s still a bit on the lighter side, she would have been so good as Stagecoach Mary – or if they really did want an American, Danielle Brooks or Uzo Aduba would have been amazing too. (And I think you’re thinking of Stephen Waddington who played Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham briefly on The Tudors and looked much closer to the real life Henry than JRM ever could.)

      1. “I think you’re thinking of Stephen Waddington who played Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham”

        I think you are right. Looks wise, JRM was so wrong for that part.

        Wunmi Mosaku would have been AMAZING as Stagecoach Mary! I had to look up Danielle Brooks. I don’t know her as an actress, but looks wise, she’s perfect.

        1. Danielle and Uzo are both best known for Orange is the New Black but I think they could handle Mary’s grit well.

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