20 thoughts on “WCW: Clémence Poesy

  1. I think the padded armor undergarment is called a gambeson or pourpoint. She looks great as Isabella de Valois!

      1. I don’t understand why War and Peace-2007 irritates you.
        All the costumes here are absolutely gorgeous. These dresses in the second photo are day dresses, made of cotton, pleasant green-swampy color, with long sleeves and hidden tits, with fashionable cut. The plot is trashy of course, but Clemence did a good job of playing the fool manic pixie dream girl, Natasha.

      1. Yes, although it was Shakespeare who changed it. If he hadn’t, he couldn’t have had a tragic farewell scene in which Richard blames the deposers for bringing a double divorce between him and his queen and him and his country. Not to mention that he gets to tell her to treat him as a story: “tell thou the lamentable tale of me.”

        My God, I love that play.

  2. So glad you mentioned Poesy. Although not FF’s, I fell for her in In Bruges and The Tunnel. A wonderful actor.

  3. Fun fact: in the 14th century those Princess Leia buns would have been covered and held in place by an ornamental net of silk or gold thread, known as ‘crespines’. In modern French, ‘crépine’ means the fatty membrane surrounding animal intestines, which is used to wrap around minced pork to make a traditional type of patties which are called ‘crépinettes’. We use this membrane to make a very similar dish in Britain, except we call them ‘faggots’!

  4. She is my Keira K. Or whoever most irritates you on screen…I can’t handle her and War & Peace was the worst of her…

      1. I guess? Casual wear for Queenie while she’s just hanging out on the throne, wearing her crown? I’ve only ever seen one image of a houppelande without a belt, and it’s a man who’s obviously crazed with grief…. And having worn them, they’re completely unmanageable without the belt, as well!

  5. The loose, rather shapeless gowns with their round necks are definitely not fifteenth century, though they do make her look frail and rather overwhelmed by her clothes which I’m assuming was what they were after. BTW Isabella was about ten years old when Richard II was dethroned. The marriage was unconsummated but Isabella was very much attached to Richard and took his fate extremely badly.

  6. Having in mind (and in the heart) W&P as Tolstoj’s novel and Vidor’s movie as the top movie rendition, I’m rather indulgent about all later versions as well as this one.

  7. Clemence Poesy is yet another actor who has suffered from being in Harry Potter, much as I love those movies. Every time I see Maggie Smith referred to as “Harry Potter’s Maggie Smith,” I want to spit tacks. It’s as though the woman had no career until she was sixty.

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