14 thoughts on “Oh the Bad Movies & TV You’ll Watch 15!

  1. I wasn’t impressed by Hotel Portofino! Bad waist placements, and now one under the age of 40 had their hair bobbed! Also some outfits just looked 1930s to me?

  2. OK, I submit. I don’t know enough about the time period to have commented (Hotel Portofino re swimming suits) so shall continue to be a lurker.

  3. Alexander Skarsgard is literally “God’s gift,” even so, I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch Tarzan. I caught about 5 minutes on TV once, and I couldn’t go further than that. (He was wearing clothes during those 5 minutes, so maybe that’s why…) Never even heard The Miracle Club, but now I want to watch it! I liked Ghosts; I watched a few eps of the US version then learned of the UK version later. It was fun. Gypsy—the mother-daughter dynamics make it hard for me to want to re-watch!

  4. I feel like I should defend Ghosts. Not for the costumes—- those don’t really get more interesting—- but because I too was originally disappointed by how closely it seemed to follow the British show (even through loved the British version) during the first few episodes. And because that doesn’t last. There are a few more obvious parallels etc. but they turn into very different shows with very different feels to them I would say. The American one is far more optimistic for one. It also tends to sand down/ combine characters to make them more conventionally sympathetic ( which is not necessarily a good thing sometimes, however…). Maybe more importantly, the longer seasons are used to give character arcs to the ghost that either have been barely started or given far less screen time in the British version. On the other hand the “livings” some times end up getting the short end of the stick when it comes to character moments in the US version, something exacerbated by the more optimistic tone. The end result is that the ghosts are better developed and the people just a bit more cartoony in the US version while I would say the opposite is true in the British one.

  5. I’d like to say that GHOSTS (USA) is well worth watching in it’s own right: I keep hoping that the two versions of the series will do a sketch suggesting they both exist in the same world and that both casts of dramatis personae vary between amusement, astonishment and pure superstition over the parallels between all concerned.

    I do hope that we get an episode of Thor being Token White Ghost for a millennium – “Why are you white?!?” “Because” “Because why?” “Ask me again when I find out” – as a running joke in an episode where Sasappis has to negotiate the pecking order of a set of First Nation ghosts (From ‘New Kid’ to older brother) in an episode that shows that the Americas had some interesting history (and some interesting changes over time) long before one Amerigo Vespucci was a glint in his father’s eye.

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