9 thoughts on “Let’s Just Get All the Wes Anderson Films Out of the Way

  1. Moonrise Kingdom is my favorite! I thought the two young actors who played Suzy and Sam were great. Haven’t seen too many of his other films, though. :)

  2. What a fun post! I had not remembered Swinton’s costume that you show here from GBHotel. Boy, is it Klimt-y!

  3. Not to be annoying, but it’d have been nice to credit the costume designers who worked on these films. Though Anderson is the mastermind behind his unique cinematic visions, he’d be nothing without his creative team. Milena Canonero, Kasia Walicka Maimone, and Karen Patch deserve some recognition here.

  4. Re the time period for Wes Anderson’s films, I always call to mind this quote from Beverly Cleary, “Quite often people will ask me, ‘What year do your books take place?’ And the only answer I can give is, ‘Childhood.'”

    I haven’t seen all his films, but far and away my fave is The Grand Budapest Hotel due to RALPH FIENNES!!!!!!

  5. I’ll never get over Tilda Swinton’s outfit as “Social Services” in Moonrise Kingdom, with the blue pillbox hat. Love that movie so much. But I haven’t yet see the French Dispatch and that orange gown, omg.

  6. Having seen his performance in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL I would dearly like to see Mr Adrien Brody given a chance to play Count Dracula – he can wear a moustache well AND has one heck of a Wickedly Aquiline face.

  7. Frances McDormand played the journalist Lucinda Krementz in the French Dispatch; Lyna Khoudri (pictured with Chalamet) plays another student revolutionary named Juliette, who is Zefirelli’s secondary love interest.

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