6 thoughts on “Asteroid City (2023)

  1. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand what this film is about (maybe it makes more sense to watch it?) but the costumes are fun!

  2. I took my movie buddy to see this film with me. I loved it, but she did not. She had never been to a Wes Anderson film before.

  3. This was Wes Anderson at his Wes Andersoniest. It was visually stunning, both the black and white scenes and the sun-washed pastels of the “play”, and everything is so composed and “painterly.” BUT

    The flat cadence and the rapid fire conversations were hard to follow.

    How-evuh. Wow, Jason Schwartzman was heart-stealing and well, hot AF in the “play” portion and there is something about Scarlett Johannson that makes these mid-century styles (including the short hair) sing on her, even when they’re basically “staid” and unflashy. She looked so, so beautiful as Midge – like Elizabeth Taylor.

    (her Janet Leigh in the Anthony Perkins and Helen Mirren Hitchcock movie was also so wonderful)

  4. Wes Anderson is hit or miss for me. This was a miss. I’m just now realizing I didn’t even take note of the costumes because I was so busy being incredulous about the film overall. That’s a really rare thing for me!

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