14 thoughts on “MCM: Beau Brummell

  1. James Purefoy is best Beau.

    I do want to see Mrs. Fitzherbert but can’t find it anywhere…did you find it?

    1. Barbra Streisand’s version of this was, “A dress should fade out of sight, but greatly,” which I prefer. We are also talking about an era in which getting dressed, if you had money, took FOREVER, and could result in truly awful results. I daresay Brummell spent a while in front of the mirror, but he had his own aesthetic, instead of relying on the taste of others. (I can just imagine the poor man twirling in his grave at the mere thought of a Kardashian sister.)

  2. The problem with ‘Beau’ Brummel popping up in an episode of BRIDGERTON is that you have to somehow convince the audience that there’s at least a vague chance of the main characters falling in love with anyone else afterwards …

    … having said that, I respectfully submit Mr Ferdinand Kingsley for the role, should an episode require the character (Watch that episode of THE SANDMAN with Hob Gadling to see why his name occurs to me: the man somehow manages to look handsome in now fewer than SIX centuries of costume).

  3. Didn’t Slater and Cushing pair up as Elizabeth and Darcy as well some point around that time? Interesting.

  4. What I liked about the Purefoy film (aside from the obvious eye candy) is that in seeing him put on his clothes, the clothing appeared to be the correct material for the time, which isn’t always the case in historical films. That gave it an extra edge for me.

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