13 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Prinny!

  1. Decisions decisions Re shagging Prinny. I’m torn btw Hugh Bonneville and Julian. Can I shag both? ‘Demmed elusive Pimpernel’.

    1. “Huge” Laurie? Are you sure that’s not just a fold in the fabric in that second photo?

      Still, definitely most shaggable IMO, with Rupert Everett second.

  2. Eldest child of Queen Charlotte and George! Queen Caroline was his grandmother (or wife). (:
    Hugh Laurie will always be my favorite Prinny. So clever you could stick a tail on him and call him a weasel!

  3. Hugh Laurie is my fave Prinny, hands down. But I couldn’t take him nearly seriously enough for a shag, not even a silly one. I saw a pair of Prinny’s breeches at an exhibition of Regency fashion at the Brighton Pavilion a few years – ENORMOUS trousers indeed! Though not in the way Laurie’s Prinny meant ;o)

  4. What about Richard E Grant in A Royal Scandal? Another great Prinny, in my humble opinion.

  5. Forgot him. But will see film again. I thing he also was Sir Percy opposite Elizabeth McGovern as Marguerite.

    But I’m still sticking with Hugh Bonneville and Lord Fellowes.

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