21 thoughts on “Oh the Bad Movies & TV You’ll Watch 3!

  1. I loved Ripper Street, but I will admit the male costumes were so much better than the female ones.

    But if you want to talk bad historical costumes, video games are the go-to. I love historical games (Red Dead, Assassin’s Creed), but the costumes are terribly inaccurate.

  2. I loved Lark Rise! Such fine actors that you see all over Brit TV. And the wardrobe is really good, I think. The hats were to die for! The plots didn’t bother me really, I enjoyed the village/town contrast-and-compare.

  3. Last Kingdom gets so much better a few episodes in! I almost gave up on it after the first couple of episodes, but persevered because my husband was enjoying it. By the end of the season we were definitely ready for season 2.

    1. There’s so many historical costume TV shows & movies being made these days — not to mention all the classics of yesteryear — that if something doesn’t show promise in the first hour, I’m cutting my losses & moving on.

      1. Fair enough. I’m slowly learning to embrace that idea as well. Latest show on the chopping block was The Expanse (not historical). I just need to get better about doing it with books as well!

  4. Lark Rise is sweet. Dorcas has THE BEST outfits. It is a little sugary, but I don’t mind a bit of sap once in awhile. :)

    Last Kingdom… I may give it another go at some point. First episode didn’t hook me.

      1. I simply cannot take the costumes in Brigadoon seriously, and the whole thing was miscast, except for Pamela Britton—and then they clean up the lyrics to “My Mother’s Wedding Day.” And it’s sad, because I love the musical in its stage form..

  5. Dracula Untold was the worst. Vald Tepes, Prince of Wallachia is the HERO?! Mehmed is Dominic Cooper in weird, pseudo brown-face?! They had a legit Nosferatu in a cave for about two minutes, but they ruined it. Luke Evans is pretty, but he wasn’t enough to save that endless facepalm of a movie.

  6. I liked The Last Kingdom. It’s based on a series of decent historicals and I always am interested in more ancient history. Vikings takes place a little before this series’ time, since Alfred the Great was already a ruler in it. In Vikings, Alfred was just a baby, the son of Athelstan and Judith (not married, though).

  7. I tried to watch The Last Kingdom last night, but you guys were right. It’s a rapetastic male power fantasy with MANLY MEN WHO ARE WARRIORS GRRRRR that makes GAME OF THRONES look feminist and nuanced. NOPE. I’m out.

  8. Why why why have you not reviewed the,1997 BBC/A&E Ivanhoe miniseries? I keep hoping. Ciarán Hinds! And the costumes were much better than the other versions. They tried…

  9. I pushed through the first season of Ripper Street but quit after the first episode of season 2 and don’t feel I missed anything.

  10. There was one thing in The Last Kingdom I’d like to know more about, and not knowing the terminology I have no idea where to start googling. Queen Aelswith has a hairstyle my friends and I have come to refer to as a chinbraid, here in all its chinbraid-y glory (plus a possibly objectionable poncho/capelet… thing):


    If anyone has the experience/knowledge to even point me in the right direction on the authenticity I’d appreciate it! It’s just such a silly hairstyle that I figured there had to be some reason to use it.

  11. I thought the costuming for Ripper Street got better in the later seasons when they moved away from 1880s steampunk to full-on 1890s. It’s at least to see correct silhouettes for an underrepresented period.

  12. Ok, so I’m totally in the minority here, but I really enjoyed Dracula Untold. Luke Evans was beautiful. Plus there was Charles Dance! Yes, the Dominic Cooper casting was weird, but still. I thought it was a solid entry into the Dracula canon, and I wanted more. I read one of the books in the series upon which The Last Kingdom was based and I enjoyed it. Still, the first episode of the TV series didn’t grab me, and I let that one go without any turmoil.

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