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  1. A Hazard of Hearts was written (or at least dictated to a typist from a cloud of pink chiffon) by the one and only Burbling Crapland so you know the story is going to be cheesetastic and Helena BC is going to be asthmatic.

  2. I love Hazard of Hearts! To be clear, it is ABSOLUTELY cheezoid. Like, completely and totally so, but you also have Diana Rig at her bitchiest best, and that alone makes it worth watching.

  3. BFI Film Player Classics which is available on Amazon and Roku have a decent copy of Saraband for Dead Lovers

    1. I loved that movie too! And Granger, tall , distinguished and a little grey at the temples……

  4. Hazard of Hearts is on YouTube…and the storyline is nuts. But has some good cast members, including Anna Massey, Edward Fox, and Christopher Plummer…

  5. S.G. is one of those actors who start out as vapid pretty boys, but improve with age (kind of like Richard Gere). Pauline Kael calls King S’s Mines “a smashing kitsch entertainment.” But, yes, what is with that “TINY KITTEN ON THE BAR!!!!”? Did mountain men carry tiny kittens as mascots?

  6. He’s never appealed to me – too pretty, But the Man in Grey looks interesting. I love movies with that kind of theme. They seem to have been popular in the 40’s – the back and forth in time/descendents thing.

    1. Speaking of “The Man in Grey,” has Frock Flicks ever paid tribute to James Mason? Starting with the Gainsborough pictures, he made a fair number of costume dramas, including my favorite, “The Shooting Party.” (“Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” isn’t exactly costume, but it has that mythic, not-of-this-century feel, plus you get both Mason and Ava Gardner, the most beautiful film couple ever.)

      1. Good grief, it’s a wonder the camera didn’t melt and the film catch fire: clearly they must have had fairly modest chemistry as an onscreen couple.

  7. Those have to be sideburn wigs in some of those photos – just look at him in Caravan! Or Hound of the Baskervilles.

  8. I’m a HUGE classic film fan, but I just can’t get into Stewart Granger. He’s as exciting as milk toast.

  9. He’s one of my fave hotties of the day! Beau Brummell, Prisoner of Zenda, various swashbucklers and my favorite, Apollodorus in Caesar and Cleopatra. “Not hot in any era?” Come now.

  10. You know, it occurs to me that if they had been making James Bond films in the 1950s, rather than the 1960s, Mr Granger would have been a strong contender for the role of 007 – he had the dapper ruthlessness and cold hearted charm down to a T.

  11. That second outfit in Scaramouche looks like something David Bowie would have worn. ROWR. :)

  12. Weh-ullll. He’s not precisely hot, but one does get the sense he might look really good ….out of costume.

  13. I’d forgotten how handsome he was. But those teeny-tiny shorts in Young Bess !!!

  14. I’ve always found him quite handsome. Some else in the comments said he was that era’s Richard E Grant, and I love that comparison

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