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  1. Bloodhounds of Broadway is not a Woody Allen film. I think you have it confused with Bullets over Broadway which is.

    1. Shit, you are so right. I had to keep reminding myself while writing that part that “it’s not Bullets over Broadway… It’s not Bullets over Broadway…” and I guess I still confused it. LOL.

  2. I like her in A League of Their Own, but in general I don’t think she works as a period actress. Acting at all may not be her strength, actually, although I haven’t seen anywhere close to all of her movies so maybe I’ve managed to miss her best work.

    1. Agreed! She was terrific in LoTO (except for that one scene where she overacts). I’ve seen several movies where she was the lead, and let’s just say that she’s better in supporting roles. :)

      1. Let me guess which one (“some slob can sweat gin all ovah me?”).

        Having said that, she realized good in her period costumes.

  3. She rocks. And I really like how in Material Girl, she doesn’t have weird and creepy chandeliers made from women in skimpy black clothes like the original!

  4. I really loved Evita. I may be weird in that I saw it in the theater multiple times.

    Also, not a day doesn’t guy by where I don’t daydream about two of her costumes. The amazing gown at Peron’s inauguration with the jeweled bodice and gossamer swooping cape (the “High Flying Adored” dress) and the gown with the scintillating red silk opera coat she wore at the Paris Opera during the Rainbow Tour – THAT one is briefly seen and only when she collapses from exhaustion.

  5. My folks say Evita was good! I hated WE for not focusing on Wallis and Edward VIII exclusively! They were a really interesting couple! This was Madonna’s directorial debut!

  6. I hope this isn’t too bitchy even for FF, but I can’t stand the woman. She is beautiful, especially in those period costumes and hair, and she surprised me with her decent star turn in Evita. But I do think she’s all spectacle and little talent with a thin little singing voice, a great self promoter, and a nut case. But other than that she’s just fine…

    1. I think she’s a terrible actor! She lucked out w/A League of Their Own (also Desperately Seeking Susan), & Evita was mostly singing. But there’s some great costume content here ;)

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