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  1. Went to see Asteroid City a few weeks ago and… I have mixed feelings. It’s presented as a play, and the narrative keeps jumping back and forth between it and things happening in the “real world”. Still, Jason Schwartzman was terrific, and this is probably some of the best work that Scarlett Johansson has done in a while.

    1. I watched it after I wrote this post and yeah, I also have mixed feelings. It’s much more of the surreal Wes Anderson and less of a narrative Wes Anderson film, plus a lot more overtalking and weird dialogue patterns than I remember from other WA films, which I didn’t really like.

      That said, it’s GORGEOUSLY filmed, and yes, Jason Schwartzman and Scarlett Johansson have some brilliantly weird chemistry that I never knew I needed, lol. Plus the alien! I love him! I need a desk toy of that alien, stat!

      1. Yes, the alien was adorable! I like how he took the asteroid and brought it back after he inventoried it. :)

  2. I definitely adore Grand Budapest Hotel. It is very Wes Anderson-y, but in the best way. I didn’t even realize Jason was in The French Dispatch.

    1. He has such a small role, and back is to the camera for most of his scenes, plus the wig… I missed him the first time around, too!

  3. He’s great. One of those actors who came out swinging with Rushmore and I’ve been a fan since.

    I enjoyed Asteroid City. Yes it is Wes Anderson distilled to its purest form, haha. But I especially liked Jason Schwartzman as kind of a rugged lead.

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