13 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Jeremy Irons

  1. Alas, when I think of Irons, movies like “Dungeons and Dragons” or “Eragon” come to mind. “Dead Ringers” is a close second in my head.

  2. No matter how many of these versions I see he will always be Uncle Scar from The Lion King. “Be pre-paaared…..”

  3. I’m currently watching “The Borgias.” With all the young men in the series, Jeremy Irons in a long white dress is still the hottest guy on screen. I’ve been a fan since “The French Lieutenant’s Woman.” It doesn’t matter what the time period, he always wears it well.

  4. Jeremy Irons period roles – for me – are divided into early, middle and late period.
    Of his early works I like him as Frank Tregear in Pallisers, of course his appearance opposite Aloysius in Brideshead (my favourite adaptation) as Charles Ryder, & Charles Henry Smithson/Mike in French Lieutenant’s Woman. Middle period is Fr Gabriel in the Mission and Swann in Swann in Love
    Late Period is Antonio in Merchant of Venice (whole cast was excellent), Leicester opposite Mirren’s Elizabeth & Pope Alexander VI

    1. A friend said about Irons’ portrayal of Leicester: ‘At last – a Dudley with BALLS!’

      1. He’s my favourite next to Robert Hardy’s portrayal. I feel that Mr Irons role was more the consummate politician and someone who knew Elizabeth from her cradle days while Mr Hardy role was more the suitor and someone Elizabeth kept on his toes.
        Two different interpretations 30 or so years apart.

  5. If you ever go to Westminster Cathedral, get the audio guide because it’s voiced by Jeremy Irons.

    Jeremy Irons, talking sexily in your ear in a church. Delicious.

  6. He has certainly aged very well, but he has always had a very mature, I dunno, sort of wise/chastened face. I thought he was peak Teh Hotness as Dudley. That role (and movie) made me actually ache for the real Elizabeth I, thinking how she was never ever really able to be with the man she loved and who was probably the best man for her,

    Also, we have Jeremy Irons ‘ to thank for the Astonishing Handsomeness that is his son, Max Irons. Yowza.

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