9 thoughts on “The Royal Tailor (2014) Sews Up Korean Historical Fashion

  1. Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole different aspect of costume drama! And this is from a person who lived three years in Japan and loved the NHK historical shows!

  2. I absolutely LOOOOVE this film. If you ever feel like watching more gorgeous Korean historical movies (albeit with a bit more sexy times) check out “The Treacherous” (on netflix) “A Frozen Flower,” “The Concubine” and “Empire of Lust.”

  3. Me and my hubby loooove to watch these korean historical series, these are so entertaining, never heard of this one, hopefully some tv station will bring it to my country too :)

  4. Gosh. They’re works of art.

    I have share relationship with Amazon. Is the series on Hulu, Netflix or Starz?

    The queen’s pearl gown just beat out a Heian robes as most gorgeous Asian Costume – Category: Japan, China or Korea.

  5. Finally you tackled Korean historical costumes! It’s rare to see you reviewing Asian drama given that they put effort in making historical clothing look good (and sometime accurate).

    I know you reviewed Empressess in the Palace, but i suggested checking out Empress of China. That show was the most expensive produced with the highest budget ever, reportedly said with over 3000 costumes. Although not accurate, but they are absolutely gorgeous to look at.

    Also check out Genji Monogatari: Sennen no Nazo movie to look for historical Japanese costumes, specifically Heian ones. Very pretty to look at.

    1. It’s not our area of expertise, but we’re interested! So when we can find more films/TV shows from different parts of the world on Netflix & Amazon, we’re adding them to our queues :)

  6. There are some movies where plot be damned! You just eat up all that gorgeous eye candy! 😉 But this sounds quite interesting in a quiet, scholarly way.

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