9 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Helen Mirren

  1. Love this! An image search for Helen Mirren and RSC turns up lots of gorgeous costumes as well — Titania, Cressida, Cleopatra…
    Also one correction: House of Mirth is Edith Wharton, not Forster.

  2. The first film I ever saw her in was “The Long Good Friday” with Bob Hoskins. Someone once referred to her as “the thinking man’s sex symbol” and it’s true. I think about her a lot. And she’s never been shy about appearing out of costume, either. A combination of brains, beauty, and talent wrapped in pure sex appeal!

  3. How about The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover? Helen’s clothing in that was wonderful. (the movie is disturbing: it took me many years to gird my loins to watch it)

  4. Recently, I saw her acting masterclass, and there was a whole chapter devoted to costumes and wigs. Helen really pays attention to this stuff. What an admirable actress!

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