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  1. Where’s Out of Africa? My entire sense is style for high school was based on this movie. The good old days when Banana Republic actually sold clothing you could take on a safari, you could get Victorian blouses with ruffles from Pier 1 and Outback Red, your 8″ hatpin wasn’t considered a weapon and they let you wear a birimmed hat with it.

          1. I wish it could be your full time jobs! I look forward to all your posts, especially after long days working on shows. Thank you for putting this list together, I need to catchup and see a lot of these movies.

  2. Meryl Streep brings a nuance to her roles that is frankly compelling. From her research on her character to any dialect lessons which she nails makes her, perhaps, my favourite actress – or at least my favourite top four.
    Her down to earthiness – she rocks the red carpet in glasses – is commendable in an era of too much plastic surgery.
    My favourite Meryl movies are Out of Africa, Julie and Julia, French Lieutenant’s Woman – Pre-Raphaelite and redhead (I’m a redhead, too).
    But I love all her films.

  3. Julie and Julia is a delight. She is the Julia Child of a home cook’s dream – the friend who sits on your shoulder and whispers words of encouragement when you try something really hard.

    1. I agree Frannie! MS is brilliant as Julia Child and this is my favorite Nora Ephron movie, although, I could missed the Julie parts. Kendra you must see it. I own the DVD if you want to borrow it.

  4. I think Holocaust was the first time I saw her and it was only later (maybe when she did Kramer vs. Kramer) when I though – oh, that’s that actress! She’s always been very memorable even though she’s not a scene stealer. Her looks are pretty other-wordly which makes her perfect for period pieces. It’s also why she’s aged so beautifully – great bone structure goes a long way! Bridges of Madison Country the movie is that rare thing – a movie that is much, much better than the book. Great music too.

    1. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I’ve always wished they had just done a Julia Child biopic instead. The woman deserves her own dang movie, and Streep was brilliant in the role.

    1. It’s referred to a few times, but the story (her part of it anyway), opens on her in Post-War Paris, as a bored housewife while her husband Paul does mysterious State Department things.

  5. Aww, The Bridges of Madison County is actually rather sweet. Just a small, intimate story.

  6. Can’t believe you forgot Streep in 1978’s The Deer Hunter. The 1960s wedding portrayed in that film is period authentic with costumes, music, film set, and western Pennsylvania culture. It was one of her earliest triumphs.

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