19 thoughts on “TBT: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (1990)

  1. that is one weird ass crown. I think the crest over the top is based on the crown of the holy roman empire, but doubled up and daintified down. Not a good look (I make medieval jewels, I’m up to five replica crowns at this point, I nerd about jewellery)

    and omg, baby oldman is cuuute!

  2. I like the play on stage a lot more than the film, but I still enjoyed the movie.

  3. I can’t remember the costumes too much as I was LOL a lot, but I do remember it being very Renfaire in a good way. Ophelia and her Head necklace remind me of Sanchia or Aragon from the Borgias.

  4. I’ve loved this play ever since we read it in my high school AP English class. Our teacher had us play ‘Questions’ one day, and the game swept through the school like wildfire. No one got a straight answer from anyone else for two solid weeks.

  5. I also think it is more of a theatrical set piece for two great actors sparking off each other. Was not the premiere at the Old Vic or Young Vic? Maybe wrong.

  6. The second picture……….is that Richard Dreyfuss?……….if it is… HOT DAMN!!
    (woman of a certain age here)

  7. One of fave films (never saw the stage play, nor was it on my school reading list). The word play on the tennis court is a highlight for sure. And Tim Roth and Gary Oldman were fab (oh and I think this is the only film I really liked Dreyfuss in!)

  8. I loved the play when I studied it at High School but have not seen either film or any stage productions. Must add this to my “watch out for” list.

  9. One of the few roles I like Dreyfus in. Iain Glen is Hamlet!!!!! Must watch again. Conspiracy of cartographers is my favorite bit.

    1. Iain Glen?!!! No! The earliest thing I ever saw him in was ‘Wives & Daughters’… & I had such a crush on him (& the future Milner from ‘Foyle’… though I don’t know why people got so hot & bothered by Osbourne…)- I thought Cynthia was a bitch! (I semi-grew out of that attitude, over time)
      I hated how she treated my girl Molly – & to me, Hyacinth was the most immeasurable cow; covering herself with a veil of self-righteous ‘concern for the proprieties’, & she was so self-centred. I loved Harriet & Lady Cumnor!

  10. Don’t know if you knew this, but Daniel Radcliffe was just in the anniversary play. It might still be playing if you check National Theatre Live.

  11. Been out of town and missed this post on one of my favorite movies! This is the movie that made me fall in love with both Gary Oldman and Tim Roth. I obsessed about it in college. I actually have two copies of the play, as well.

    1. Thank you for the link to Gilbert’s retelling of Hamlet. I’ve been curious about it but have finally just sat down today in order to conduct research for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, then happened upon your comment. For some reason, perhaps because I’m warped, when I read the summary of Gilbert’s version, I imagined the Muppets putting on a very lavish production…

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