10 thoughts on “Revisiting Farewell, My Queen

  1. Maybe they were inspired by The Rose of Versailles-Marie when they conjured up that last hairdo xD I would have never guessed triangle-trimming would be 18th century! The more you know!

  2. The thing that annoys me the most about these kinds of films is how EVERY SINGLE FREAKING COSTUME looks like it was made by the same person. SAme happends in Love and friendship, where all teh hair styles and costumes are identical, yetch. Great movie otherwise. I’ve not seen this one though. Not sure I care!

  3. Long time lurker, first time commenter!! Thanks so much for all you do– you give a fun moment in long days! I liked this movie ok. I mean, Versailles. That’s always good in my book!! But I could NOT with green dress. At all. The white and blue of the queen, that needs to be in my closet :). (for wearing while dusting and scooping cat litter, as you do)

  4. “How I feel about that color green for any era before the 1870s.”

    I laughed, because when I read that I first mistakenly thought you’d written 1970s, which could be just as true. ; )

  5. I think her one dress is a re wear from Valmont. I remember you guys complaining about the nubby fabric and victorian stripe placement.

  6. That was one of the most shitty movies concerning costumes I saw for a while. I was actually laughing when I saw Sidonie walking to the queen (!) with her shopping bag. But then the movie was just too boring to laugh anymore. I supposed that all Money was spent to pay the model-actress to Play the queen, although I could not stop to ask myself why? Maybe because the casting thought: Marie Antoinette was some sort of a model and why we should not use a model for that role? I could not really follow the movie, because Diane Kruger was looking just too modern and not the queen at all or could Show any gesture of the queen. Just compare it with Jane Seymour and you will maybe see the difference.
    The costumes were mostly looking very low Budget and so was the guard in one Scene, when you can observe that most of the guards (!) had different uniforms! Why not prevent such Scenes if you just don’t have the right uniforms (or why not asking where the uniforms of older productions were gone? – besides).
    And then the jewelry! I could not bear it!
    Perhaps Sidonie had to be naked because then she first was looking dressed authentically or more like a human then like a puppet?
    Many low Budget documentaries did it better, even with the actress who got the role of the queen.

  7. I wonder what you’d think about costumes and hairstiles in one of my favorite TV series set in this period or a little earlier. It’s a French production, a detective series called “Nicolas le Floch”, 11 episodes in all. I am really interested what you’d think of it – to my untrained eye, they are all lovely and really well made, but I’m sure you’ll have a few misgivings ;)

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