17 thoughts on “Madame Bovary (2014): Advice for the Lovelorn

  1. Man, and here I was all hopeful that we’d get some hot Ezra Miller action on screen. Shall I stick this on the “hyped as sexy but totally weaksauce” movie shelf next to Farinelli?

  2. Of course she kills herself, but then Emma is a ditzy, immature, bimbo.

    I’d tell her to GROW UP, get some ovaries, confess all. Ditch and divorce him, and stipulate alimony for a specified period. Take a page from Catherine de Medici on Reign. Learn poisons *huge grin*

    I’m not a fan of the novel either.

  3. I am sorry but milktoast hubby had to know about her frustrated spending. Where did he think the new clothes came from? The fashion fairy?! But then this movie is in the same catagory as “Original Sin”. They bought the actors, costumes, and locations but forgot an interesting plot.

  4. Punishment for Costume Designers who use metal grommets, don’t choose Fashion period or pallet. Any suggestions? Only thing I can think of are 1) fining them (get them where it hurts – their pocketbooks) or making them attend a seminar on the subject.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Make them attend all the costuming classes at Pennsic war? While we find it irritating, remember they must fight with studio heads, directors, actors, and budgets. There might be reasons for the choices we don’t know about.

      1. Those are so instructive, but that’s a good one. What about attending five Costume Cons and sitting through their classes? Especially construction of proper undergarments (They can attend with Mr Gibbon of War & Peace 2016)

    2. I’m less bothered by metal grommets in the 19th century, because they were documentable by that point (especially the 1880s, if this is actually the period that this version of MB is aiming for — jury’s still out). Anything pre-1840, though, and I will get my knickers in a twist.

    3. I can’t excuse grommets bec. “it’s a low-budget production” because hook & eye tape is just as or even cheaper, plus it’s faster to put in (doesn’t require a professional grommet setter, can be done by a beginning seamstress!). And hook & eye tape would look historically accurate. Meh I say, meh!

  5. I had to read Madame Bovary in school. I thought she was an idiot then and I still do. Her bad decisions do not make her husband the villain of the piece!

  6. Is the way to lace the corsets/stays correct though? I have never seen them with the strings attached like that and a clasp at the front?

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