14 thoughts on “Just How Fashionable Are Poldark’s Ladies? Part 1

  1. Wonderful as usual. I really feel the lack of a fichu or frill, the stark open necklines really pull focus knowing the esthetic. I’m about to start a Poldark petticoat fund for the poor dears.

  2. The lack of ribbons & feathers makes me sad — I mean, really, there are about 4 feathers to share among all the women in Cornwall! Sure hope Poldark strikes it rich in copper soon so they can import something pretty for the lay-deez ;-)

    1. I guess the problem is they’re poor enough that when they kill the chickens, they et the feathers too? Apparently an heiress shows up at some point in the future (not this season), which I for one am excited about!

  3. What a great article. Thanks for all the research. I love costumes and period clothes. Jen Red

  4. Wasn’t that blue redingote on one of the ladies used in that german Schiller film “Beloved Sisters”?

  5. Thank u for that very thorough and informative post. Your example photos of actual garments are very helpful and fun. The inclusion of the V&A swatch notebook is fascinating! I want to go look at it!

  6. Excessively long shot here, but do you have any suggestions for where I might be able to find a pattern (or patterns that could be combined) to approximate Verity’s polonaise/Brunswick jacket? I have fallen completely in love with it.

  7. Can I just say from an ex BBC costume designers point of view there are always huge efforts made to get things right despite budgets not being what they once were. Costumes are recycled frequently. When the average period dress can cost over £1000 it makes sense. The costume hire companies in London like Angels and Cosprop take authenticity very seriously as do we all. And costumes do have to be kept clean or the artistes are unhappy. Yes we did often use curtain type fabrics as being the nearest in period style and to save money. Specialists may be picky about it but they can be dry cleaned! I well remember an actress dashing to the loo before a take in a particularly dirty farmyard and getting cow mess all over her skirt. We try we try dear viewer!

  8. Was googling as to what undergarments the Poldark ladies wore to get their beautiful shape, and I found this article.. Thank you for this knowledgeable article telling me so much more!

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