7 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: 7 Reasons to Be Irritated by Farewell, My Queen

  1. The use of wrong fabrics REALLY bugs me in historic movies, but that may just be because I’m a textile expert. But I legit decided not to watch this movie because I saw pictures of the costumes and the fabrics were just too wrong for me to handle. Just because it has flowers on it doesn’t mean it’s period!!

  2. That green made my eyes bug out from shock (can a colour cause epilepsy?) and then wince hard.

    The chemise dress is off overall, but it’s really the sleeves + fabric choice that are getting me. The sleeve hems look like they’re gathered by an elastic band inserted in the hem. *shiver*

    And, of course, I read this on the very same day I come across an ebay listing for a 1780s dress made from slubby silk (possibly some kind silk blend, but still slubby and textured). That doesn’t make dupioni ok here – or in m/any 18th century period pieces.

  3. Real snarky- fun- critique! Love it! When I saw the trailers of this is just smelled bad. Oh and the wigs make me want to throw up little. I almost want to see it now.

  4. Jut watched, it totally disappointed and the clothes were awful! It could have been so good, and it just annoyed the hell out of me. Good write up, on all my concerns too!

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