3 thoughts on “Costume Movies (& TV) Productions: News & Trailers

  1. I’m actually in the middle of watching Indian Summers and it’s very good. Not just the acting but also the visuals.

  2. Actually super excited for Tale of Tales and the Scottish Play, and other two I am excited for are “Carlos Rey Emperador”, which I talked about here previously (THERE ARE ACTUAL CODPIECES AND MEN WEARING SHOES AND NOT BOOTS AND REPROS OF DRESSES SEEN IN PORTRAITS OF THE ERA) which covers the reign of Charles V (the first in Spain), and “La Corona Partida” (“The Broken Crown”), a TV film which covers the time between “Carlos” and “Isabel”, which is basically the tumultuous reign of Juana I, and the conspiracy between her husband Philip and her father Fernando to steal the power from her.

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