6 thoughts on “A Royal Night Out (2015)

      1. Elizabeth II and Philip although not engaged as of V-E corresponded and he drove up to Windsor when in England. I’m not sure where the Royal Navy had him posted during April-June of 1945, but he was very present in her life at the time.

  1. I saw this movie, and thought it was absolutely precious. I think all your comments are spot on. I’ll only add this, I just watched the documentary, “Margaret: The Rebel Princess,” and the whole time they showed pictures from her 20s, I kept thinking, “She looks EXACTLY like an actress. But which one?” Later I realized that Sarah Gadon (who plays Elizabeth in this film) is a dead ringer for the real Margaret. Makes me wonder if she auditioned for The Crown. (Although I think Vanessa Kirby did an excellent job as young Margaret.) I hope more people see A Royal Night Out, it’s a delightful little film.

  2. My biggest quibble about this is that Margaret was 14 at the time that this all happened, and the actress playing her looks way too mature. It was light silly fun however and just what I needed during the pandemic.

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