15 thoughts on “10 Days in a Madhouse (2015) Is Both Terrible & Excellent

  1. Is that corset backwards? And possibly upside down? It should have an open busk in front, surely. But that seems like small potatoes in the face of the rest of this nonsense.

    1. I had the same question! It’s front lacing and looks very high. I just made an 1880s corset (admittedly only my second corset) and it only went mid-bust. There’s no shaping in that piece for boobs either…. and if it’s a busk in back… yikes. wraps arms around self protectively

  2. Ugh. Nellie Bly is so amazing. We need a movie that does her justice! (I don’t hold hopes for Lifetime and Christina Ricci after that Lizzie Borden mess…)

    1. The Lizzie Borden limited series Christina Ricci starred in was also produced by Lifetime. It wasn’t great, but the characters were well-written. I reviewed it here when it first came out.

  3. I’ve written about Nellie Bly, who is one of my favorite women in history, so no I think I’m going to skip this and wait for the Christina Ricci one. Also, I live in New York and I can go visit the remains of the asylum on Roosevelt Island, and I can read various books about her rather than watch something that looks like it was made for $50.

  4. Could have told you it was shitty as soon as Lambert was mentioned. Dunno why, but appart a couple of films at the beginning of his career, the man has radar for really, really crap stuff. And costume wise, I could add an historical actress proverb: “When wearing fitted satin Victorian(ish) garment, thou shall wear corset too, or look bloaty in front and frumpy in back”

  5. Bly wears a corset in one scene, but not in the one where her bodice buttons pull something awful. For shame director.

  6. This movie was so upsetting, it’s such an important story, and to have it reduced to substandard highschool drama club levels of production is just so sad.

  7. I think they did a great job on ” Drunk History”. It was the first episode I ever saw, and I kept thinking that the actress playing Nellie Bly looked just like Laura Dern (p.s. it was her). :)

  8. Looks like one of those movies they make not to make money off of, but to retain the rights or keep to a contract cheaply. Basically, they enter a contract to make the book, some either doesn’t want to loose the rights to the material or after signing they loose the big money/support, so instead they make something uber cheap just to execute the contract. I can totally see some sexist a-hole deciding that this wasn’t money material after some thinking person bought the rights. Or worse, bought it with zero intention to make a decent film just to prevent someone else from doing an awesome Nellie Bly movie based on the book.

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