5 thoughts on “Five Things to Watch for in A Royal Night Out (2015)

  1. Thee should be a number of pics of HRH Elizabeth in uniform; the official one and many taken by the press.
    To expand on your comment about accuracy, there is no real excuse to ever screw up military uniforms from the 18th century on since there are many surviving and preserved examples in regimental museums, national military museums, etc. There are also those wonderful books originally published primarily for gamers but widely used by reenactors which come from Osprey.

  2. PRETTY PRINCESSES IN PINK, I AM IN. (Plus Elizabeth is my girlcrush Sarah Gadon who will also be playing Ebba Sparre in the Queen Christina of Sweden biopic “The Girl King”)

  3. 1940’s should be hard to mess up, yes, but it is messed up quite frequently and quite a lot anyway – sexed up, dumbed down, made all black and white, heroic and sentimental.

    And the hair is never as frizzy, flyaway and sometimes just plain bad as it should be. But that’s allright, I suppose.

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