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  1. One of my favorite so-awful-it’s-fabulous movies is “Arthur the King,” a made-for-tv schlockfest from 1985. I taped this off the tv as a kid and watched it over and over. The cast is amusing: Malcolm McDowell as Arthur, a very young Rupert Everett as Lancelot, Candice Bergen as Morgan le Fay, and a virtually unknown Liam Neeson as a barbarian they couldn’t bother to write dialog for (just speak gibberish, the director must have said). The plot is silly, the costumes are dreadful, and the dialog is ridiculous. And my inner 9-year-old still adores it. (and I still have the tape I made…)


  2. I’ve been spending a blissful rainy afternoon scrolling through your MCM posts only to spit up my tea as (I think I read that right) 6’4″ Rupert Everett as 5’4″ Charles I of England??? Really? What, did they scale up the furniture? Hmmmm…..on the other hand, how bad could a movie featuring Everett, Roth and Scott be?

    1. He was only 2 inches taller than the historical Charles II, so, comedic performance or not, Rupert as Charles in ‘Stage Beauty’ is pretty much perfect casting.
      I read the reason the Parliamentarians assumed he’d be easy to catch after Worcester, was how striking & of-of-place he would look to pretty much everyone ; some of the only people of comparative size to him were his cousin, Rupert of the Rhine who was of the same height, or thereabouts, & brother, James II who was a bare 6”, or close enough for it to not matter- to add to Charles’ height issues, he had more Mediterranean-like looks & black hair, from his mothers’ family, who were French & Italian (Protestant & Puritan England was not exactly a great place for the ‘popish’ & ‘foreign-looking’ at this time), & was described as ‘swarthy’ in his WANTED posters [James had lighter colouring & a more slender build]- & then there was the feet issue… apparently the poor guy had to put up with the largest borrowed footwear available during his escape, which were pretty much always too small for him- yet, he managed to be hidden over the days & weeks after the battle- the Wiki article, showing the map for his escape route is madness
      Apparently, many of the people who hid him were secret Catholics, or people with Catholic leanings, along with fellow Anglicans- it’s said these experiences were the reason for his sympathy to England’s minority Catholic population, & death-bed conversion.
      I’ve not been able to find ‘To Kill A King’ anywhere- not Youtube, Netflix- anywhere. I’ve only ever seen the trailer, but I would love to see Rupert, Dougray & Tim’s performances.
      Believe it or not, Charles & James (& Rupert) owed their height more to female than male relations- their Danish grandmother Anne, & great-grandmother, Mary of Scots, who was like 5’7, which was an impressive height for a woman back then- there are only a couple of historical women whose height gets commented on- Eleanor of Aquitaine, whose effigy shows she was tall & big-boned, & Boudiccea, who was said to be tall, with a harsh voice & long red hair that went to her knees.
      Sorry for the tangent, lol.

  3. “Dellamorte Dellamore” (1994), not at all a period movie, it is in fact inspired by the very popular Italian comic Dylan Dog… the sexiest Ruppert Ever(ett)!!!!!

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