10 thoughts on “TBT: Stage Beauty

  1. I also love and drool over this overlooked film. Clare Danes was brill in her character development. Maria goes from an ‘instant success’ but without knowing how to act to an actress.

    My favourites were my favourite breed of dog, named for King Charles, Zoe as Nell and Clare & Rupert. Billy was awesome, but I don’t have to say it to you guys.

    His women’s stage role overtook his self awareness and at times gender identity. It was very convincing.

  2. I loved this movie — I’m so glad you covered it. And anything with my favorite dog and the king they were named for is usually fine with me! I thought the shifting eroticism in the film was top-notch, too.

  3. That orange dress is the reason I fell in love with the 1660s. And that scene towards the end where they’re doing the scene from Othello – so good!

  4. I absolutely love this movie! It’s sad that it so often gets overlooked. I loved the costumes, and as someone already said, the dynamic between Ned and Maria is lovely and really interesting. This was the start of my Billy Crudup-crush, basically!

  5. Odd that this period doesn’t seem to do well in the movie theatres (e.g., “Restoration,” “The Libertine,” stuff about Louis XIV); maybe better suited to television series?

  6. I loved the film, looking it for 2 times in the theatre. It was a nice surprise to have Rupert Everett as the king. Perfect role for him (he is just such a aristocricy character).

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