24 thoughts on “Orlando From 1600 to 1650

    1. I don’t really feel that qualifies as a hoik considering he’s not showing any leg and his petticoats are still level with the ground. If anything this is a good demonstration of why you want to wear petticoats under a gown with a big skirt/long train.

      The other 2/3rds of FF may disagree, though. ;)

  1. I absolutely LOVE this film. This is a film that I see religiously. Just wish there was a BluRay edition.

    I want all of the marvellous Sandy Powell costumes. This and Dangerous Liaisons began my love affair with Georgian/Louis XV and Louis XVI Fashion.

    I’m exceedingly thrilled that you are devoting a couple of blogs to it as it is well deserved.

  2. OMG. Orlando.
    I. CAN’T. EVEN.
    And… please include a screenshot of Billy Zane in your next post because he is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER in this film.
    Thank you, Ladies!

    1. Kathleen, Billy Zane is very handsome, but I prefer Sam Heughan. Sam, not withstanding, Mr Zane is perfectly cast in this. I have no doubt that there will be one and maybe two shots of his yummyness.

      1. To each their own. Billy Zane falls closer in line with my preferred type, but his performance in “Orlando” has always left me a bit cold. It’s probably more due to the very topical way his character is treated in the film…

        1. Hi Sarah, I agree with your assessment…its been years since I’ve actually watched the film, but damn, he was a vision back in the day, wasn’t he??
          BZ may not have been Oscar material, but damn, he could chew some scenery ;)

    2. Early 90s Billy Zane is simply stunning.

      Actually, every time I see Billy Zane in anything, I have to quote Powers Boothe’s line about him in Tombstone, thick Texas drawl and all: “The purtiest man I ever saw.”

      1. Yes ma’am!
        Oh goodness, thank you for bringing this up. Tombstone is my #2 fave move of all time! Its perfection. I want everything Dana Delaney wears. And….Val Kilmer….where’s my drool cup?!

        1. Tombstone is so much fun! It has a great cast and is so quotable! About a year ago, I rewatched it for the first time in years and enjoyed it so much that I watched it again the next night. :)

  3. Hi,

    Great review.Do you have any idea what’s going in with James’ stockings in the portrait?They look sort of weirdly tie dyed…

    1. Not sure. It could just be damage to the painting, or some flaw in the photography. It’s definitely not the way those stockings look in reality.

  4. I really love the costumes in this film (even if they aren’t entirely accurate always.. just so beautiful!) and it’s great to see some non-screenshot photos of the costumes! I hadn’t seen those!

  5. Those yellow tights have always driven me crazy…in the actual film you can see that they are spandex tights, and I couldn’t get over that!

  6. Oh, “Orlando”, how can I count the ways I love thee? I adore this film beyond measure and the Jacobean frost fair on the Thames is my favourite (last one in 1818, alas due to climate change and new London bridge). Nice screenshot of Queen Elizabeth putting the Garter on Orlando’s leg (orders of chivalry, like period-appropriate music, are one of those things VERY few films ever get right…)

  7. One of the few movies that shows accurate costuming and beautiful costuming at that.

  8. Hi!
    The director’s name is Sally Potter.
    I love this film, the costumes might not be 100% Frock Flicks approved, but the feel is right. I’m loving reading your reviews.

  9. Is Queen Elizabeth’s ruff the same one that Judi Dench wears in the final scenes of Shakespeare in Love? The metal points on the ends of the lace are so eye-catching. And the orange taffeta shawl that the Queen wears is a copy of a textile in the Rainbow Portrait of Queen Elizabeth–it’s painted with eyes and ears, perhaps to represent that the Queen had eyes and ears everywhere (I think I read that in Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d).

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