14 thoughts on “Picnic at Hanging Rock (2018)

  1. I haven’t seen either earlier version, so I must ask….WHY are the young ladies hanging by their hair from the clothesline?!!!

  2. I started the series over the weekend, and am almost finished. I will admit to never having read the book or seen a prior adaptation, but so far I’m loving it! The costumes are gorgeous and varied in style, and I love how creepy they’re able to make everything without overplaying their hand. Really excited to finish the series/make all of the clothes for myself.

  3. I sat down and watched the entire thing in one go on Amazon Prime. Gorgeous costumes. Fabulous acting from Natalie Dormer. Not sure how I feel about the overall story, though…

  4. I thought it had amazing costumes and was a good show in its own right, but not a great adaptation of the book. The atmosphere was all off- and sexy Mrs. Appleyard? Really? Ye gods, of all the unnecessary changes.

  5. “Yep, it’s another remake — or reboot, or whatever, argue amongst yourselves about the terminology”
    It’s another adaptation, as both the movie and the series is based on a book, so the series should not be considered a remake of the movie.

    I’m very excited to see this, whenever it arrives for my country’s Amazon Prime<3 I love Natalie Dormer, and the costumes look amazing<3

  6. I’ll put it on my to watch list, once I’m done wiping up my drool from the costume photos.

  7. Will look for it. I interviewed Bruce Beresford for the original movie. He was very much a Brian Blessed type; not what you’d expect for a film like that. On the other Hand, George Miller, who did Mad Max was a quiet, well-dressed brain surgeon (A twin, his brother is also a brain surgeon. It’s Australia, go figure.

  8. Great article! One small correction of a photo- closeup photo from the very top is from a Australian stage production of the novel, not from the Foxtel miniseries

  9. This looks promising but the actress playing Appleyard is too young, I always saw Appleyard as middle aged and matronly. If they added some lines to her face, some gray to her hair and pad her then she wold look more like Appleyard.

  10. I’d love to something other than the same old remakes and reboots of the same old stories and seeing so many negative reviews of the series from everyday viewers (aka not the typical grating mainstream movie & TV critics) on Amazon doesn’t inspire the highest level of confidence. But I DO love the costumes, especially Irma’s gauzy, sheer clothing and the white cotton picnic dresses. Outside of the costumes, I’m rather ambivalent about this remake.

  11. Why has no one mentioned the Great Bobby Pin Famine? Young ladies of that age would have had their hair severely confined in plaits. The elder ones would have turned their hair up. On no account would young ladies of breeding been permitted to wear their hair loosely as shown here. My daughter reckons Irma ought to come equipped with a surfboard since she has a typical ‘beach do’. All the girls’ spiral curls give me hives – they should have been put up in rags as they would have been in the day, not carefully composed with 21st century curling irons (which sticks out a mile).

    Other glaring faux pas to me were the inclusion of an aboriginal girl under any guise in a College for young ladies. It just didn’t happen! I’d go so far as to say that a young Jewish lady on the roll would also have caused the mass exodus of all the other students. Australia was not a kind place back in the day.

    The tattoos shown on the groom were Not Good. A tattooed man in those times was either a seaman or a ne’er-do-well or both. In any case, he would not have been a likely friend for a young gentleman of quality and his employment in an aristocratic household would be highly suspect.

    Despite these problems, I felt the production was a good one. It departed considerably from the book, but still gave an engaging story with great atmosphere. It was largely believable and encouraged the viewer to care about the characters.

    I’m afraid the cast of the original version remains my preferred one: will anyone ever forget the ethereal beauty of Anne Lambert as she paused and looked back on her way to the rock?

  12. I love the movie and the costumes. Fabulous job! I am absolutely passionate about that time period and previous ones as well.

    How could I find a pair of those glasses? I love different and those definitely are!

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