7 thoughts on “Wild Nights With Emily (2019) Is Pretty Wild

  1. Almost completely tangential… I have always loved the Dickinson poem, “Wild Nights.” It was simply fun to hear it mentioned.

  2. I will see it but most of the cheesy meh costumes look yuck. Wrong period, wrong fit and most women seem to eschew wearing proper corsets.

  3. interesting! I am not a big Dickinson person so I only know the broad strokes version, and hadn’t heard about new analysis finding more things in her letters. I don’t expect to go out of my way to see this but I think the approach sounds fascinating and well-done.

  4. Hmm, looks like the set design is pretty poor as well. Definitely sounds like an interesting movie!

  5. Totally put off. Aaaarrrg..wardrobe let one of the “extras” wear her bodice backwards..awful costumes..

  6. I do know of one real person who wore her corset to bed: Mary Ingalls. Okay, I didn’t go to the library to check my childhood memory, but I remember that Laura couldn’t stand to sleep in her corset, while perfect-girl Mary did, and got approval from their mother for it. My guess is not that many girls were that virtuous.

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