31 thoughts on “MCM: Haaaard Edwardian Collars

    1. Good idea👌🏻. Glad I have most of these film in my dvd collection. And a post like this makes me wanna watch some of them again…just for the starched collor action 😉😁✌🏻

  1. Do you remember the time travel/Jack the Ripper movie Time After Time? Mary Steenburgen undoes Malcolm MacDowell’s starched collar, looks up at him and asks. ‘My God, is the rest of this outfit this interesting?’

    1. Love that scene! “Herbert, if you don’t take me in your arms this minute, I’m going to scream.”

          1. I keep thinking about all the fun Any must have had peeling Herbert’s layers. Very distracting……

    2. That was the first time I realized Malcolm MacD could be charming. He and Mary were a perfect couple.

      1. For a while he was typecast as the rogue/borderline evil incarnate. if…., A Clockwork Orange, Caligula. It really threw me off to see him play a genuinely wholesome character. Shows he is a versatile actor who should have been offered even more beefy roles.

  2. I think it’s the suit attached to the collar, not just the collar itself. And the man in the suit. Can you do capes next, please?

      1. YES. Seconded. And those non-formal shirts with the little stand-up collars. And braces. (Braces were worn with just about every form of trouser, yes?)

  3. What about Michael Kitchen in Out of Africa, also Klaus Maria Brandauer and Robert Redford?

  4. “There’s a lot to love about An Ideal Husband (1999), but Jeremy Northam and his collars is probably #1.”

    No. No. no no no.

    The #1 thing to love in An Ideal Husband is Minnie Driver’s vermillion taffeta dress in the second to last scene, #2 is Jeremy Northam and Rupert Graves shirtless in the sauna and #3 is probably Jeremy Northam and his collars. #4 is probably Julianne Moore and her scintillating gold dress.

    1. wrong Rupert. Rupert Everett. “Jeremy Northam and Rupert Everett shirtless in the sauna ”

      Coulda been worse – I could have said “Jeremy Northam and Rupert Grint shirtless in the sauna”

  5. What I want to know is how many men cut or choked themselves by looking down while wearing these collars.

  6. Aldo Ray in We’re No Angels, after he shed the prisoner’s rags for a dapper suit. He’s a baaaad boy but I’ll swoon anyway.

  7. Caveat: you said, “Alan Rickman as Irish revolutionary Michael Collins (1996).” Alan Rickman played Eamon de Valera; Liam Neeson was cast Collins. :-)

    1. Rickman and Neeson? In the same movie? They must have been handing out icepacks in the theatre lobby.

  8. Love this post! Gotta say, more so than the collars, the men wearing them made me swoon. Seriously, 90% of these guys are hotties!!

    I feel like my boyfriend, James Purefoy, is missing from this list, although I have no sartorial examples to offer. I just think he should be in any ‘yummy’ lists! Also, I think Robert Pattinson wore this kind of collar in Bel Ami and Daniel Day-Lewis in The Age of Innocence.

    1. Also maybe Daniel Radcliffe and Ciaran Hinds in The Woman in Black–unless you disqualify it for being a horror film.

  9. Thank you for sharing this long list of beautiful starched collars on some really handsome men.
    My thoughts went straight to British 1995 TV series ‘The Buccaneers’ with Michael Kitchen & Greg Wise looking dapper as father & son duo. Ronan Covert, Mark Tandy cut a fine figure as well. BUT James Frain was truly the pinnacle of “starched and buttoned-up” in the whole story😁
    Costume designer Rosalind Ebbutt sure knew what she was doing👌🏻.

    1. Greg Wise in The Buccaneers was part of my awakening as a woman. Even to this day I find him sooooooooooooooooooooooooo dreamy.

      Fun fact! He’s married to Emma Thomspon. Who knew? Lucky gal.

  10. How fun! Thank you! So may films listed, and most I have seen.

    Of course, we all look for things that we know, and I didn’t see Peaky Blinders, the Anne movies and the Avonlea show, the 1993 (better) Lady Chatterley, Forsyte Saga…So many collars! So many films! And it’s neat that so many other readers talk about other collars on other shows! Magnificent!

  11. A few years ago other half acquired a role in the City of London that a couple of times a year requires him to attend a white-tie dinner. When he saw a complete 1930s outfit for sale on EBay, he reckoned that would be a lot cheaper than hiring one twice a year, and bought it. It turned out to fit him like a dream, and of course – unlike a modern version – it comes from a period when gentlemen wore their tailcoats every evening: they expected them to fit like a glove and be not only graceful but comfortable. He looks AMAZING in it. Utterly edible. And yes, the starched wing collar is an important part of that.

    But my other half has previous form in high neckwear: we actually met in Napoleonic reenactment, and when I first saw him in a dog’s ears collar and a starched muslin neckcloth I wanted nothing more than to drag him into a bedroom by it and undo it with my teeth. Which, in fairly short order, is what happened (#evil grin).

  12. Not too keen on Piven being in there after the horrific sexual assaults he has committed over the decades.

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