8 thoughts on “MCM: Oscar Isaac

  1. I do not recommend seeing him in the sci-fi flick “Ex Machina.” His character has such a punchable face.

  2. I just re-watched W.E. the other night. It really is a GORGEOUS film. If Madonna wants to make more period dramas, I’m all for it. :P

  3. So does that mean I can have Aragorn, er, Viggo? I will say you have great taste. His Roman prefect in Agoura was, wait I need to get my fan. Just thinking about it, is giving me heated.

  4. OMG, he was Sooooooooooooo pretty in The Promise. Heartbreaking story (both the characters and the backstory), but utterly sumptuous to look at.

  5. Ex Machina was a revelation about his acting ability, though. I adore him. Still like Inside Llewy
    n Davis the best though.

  6. W.E. is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The plot is almost unintelligible, helped least of all by the horrible editing (at one point there’s a time/place caption in the middle of a montage), but yes, the 30’s costumes are gorgeous. Madonna needs to be kept away from a film set.

  7. Oscar Isaac is a dish, you’re so right! I loved him in “Inside Llewellyn Davis” though it’s not a costume film as such (set in early 60s). He plays the main character L. D., a failing folk singer and plays the guitar and sings a lot of sad songs. His beard is epic and there is a cat too, so I’d recommend that film to all 😊

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