5 thoughts on “Cate Blanchett: The Historical Costume Movie Guide

  1. My fave is still “Robin Hood,” or as I like to think of it, “How the Aussies Saved England.” Out of the 11 major cast members, only 2 were born in England, and one of those, Mark Strong, has European parents. I love Cate kicking butt and taking names in reasonably authentic armour. If you want snarky, check out some of the comments on female armour over in the Enfinges FB page, plus pretty much the rest of the HEMA community. The boys (and girls) can get pretty vitriolic where their toys are concerned.

  2. Cate must have a clause in all her contracts that says — I need to look absolute fantastic or I ain’t doing it. Even when they get historical crap wrong (including costumes and makeup) it still somehow works — it comes across as artistic licence and not just buffoonery. That’s talent and clout! ☺️

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