9 thoughts on “The Promise Is Less Cheesy Than I Feared

  1. Not a perfect movie, but I loved it. As a historian, I wished to watched more movies about the Armenina Genocides. This first visit is a decent one and I love Oscar Isaac. :) Unfortunately, It was not released in home video in my country, I’d buy the bluray if I could.

  2. You can have Mikal (your new boyfriend) but I have dibs on the hat Ana wears.💘💘💘💕💝

  3. Oscar Isaac is pretty amazing it a few different movies. Oh and his acting isn’t bad either. 😉 I haven’t seen this but will put it on my to-watch list.

  4. Found it on Netflix, thanks for the review! I also adore Oscar Isaac, just saw him in The Two Faces of January.

  5. If you are interested in the Armenian Genocide, take a look at The Cut from 2014. I thought it was an excellent film. It’s on DVD, but you can also rent it on streaming services.

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