13 thoughts on “Westworld: Scifi Meets the Old West

  1. I enjoyed this series very much! I think the designers had to walk a fine line between the real Western clothing and what the guests would expect & like, based on their fantasies about that time & place. I thought they did a great job threading that needle.

  2. There are pictures of women mine workers wearing pants under their skirts while working. The one picture near the top of a woman in pants, the one with all the buttons down the sides, might be chaps, but then she would have had top be wearing something under them.

  3. I really enjoyed Westworld and never even thought about the accuracy they might’ve been going for. This was really interesting to read!

    (The other prostitute with Maeve is Clementine, btw.)

  4. In the first introduction to Logan, he and William enter the compound and are shown “bespoke clothes” (specifically mentioned as such). He goes off to have a tumble with one of the hosts and comes back to meet William. Getting himself together, he zips up his trousers. The show made it into a moment, complete with the sound effect of the zipper.
    Bespoke? History be damned. Took this costume designer right out of the story line. Get some honest-to-god button fly trousers!

  5. Undergarments often trips those shows off, don’t they? I seem to recall from an earlier post that this one is a repeat offender in the “wear corset upside down” thing.

    Once is an accident, more is… Willful ignorance?

    Hair looks good, even if most of the hairpin budget went to the “ladies of the night”… Even hairpiece there, I’m impressed! (not so much with the Disney Princess, but you can’t have everything, I suppose… *sigh* )

  6. I love the upside down corset. Definitely paused the show at that point to clarify to my husband that that was not right. He didn’t care. Ha!

    Also, for your picture of Julia Bulette, I remember reading that she was made an honorary firefighter in Nevada. I’m not sure why (besides the obvious) though I think she may have donated a lot of money? I always remember her picture because she’s just so tall.

    Great post Kendra!

  7. I remember reading that Julia Bulette was, in fact, a patron of the firefighters–she did make generous donations to the fire brigade (or whatever they called it). Visit Virginia City, and you can see her grave site, set some distance from other graves and surrounded by a white picket fence.

  8. Really interesting post. I especially enjoyed the old photos. (Love old photos) I once worked in a historical theme park in Oz. We were told the prostitutes dressed pretty much the same as everyone else only their skirts were slightly shorter. The men’s trousers were buttoned, something that new staff/volunteers always complained about.

    1. Let me say this about that: I have worn both zippered and buttoned trousers, and I have come to this conclusion: if you lose a button, you can still wear the trousers; if the zipper goes, forget it! That’s why most military trousers are buttoned.

  9. I just wanted to say how fun it was to see pictures of people in old small towns in Utah. I haven’t been to Scofield in AGES and I really need to go exploring around those areas again. So much wonderful history of a hardscrabble existence.

  10. Thanks for this post, I just finished watching season one and not sure I want to see season two yet. From the looks of the fellas in the old photos, Westworld needs more suspenders on the male characters!

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