9 thoughts on ““In Secret” Is Only Interesting for 30 Minutes of Costumed Sex

  1. Young men in the UK a number of decades ago referred to split-crotch panties as “free trade pattern.”

  2. Hee. If you think Tom Felton isn’t a heartthrob, you’re completely misunderstanding the Harry Potter fandom. Even Rowling herself had to comment on the phenomenon!

  3. That last scene with Laurent copping a feel with Thérèse reminds me oddly of the scene in “Little Big Man” where Dustin Hoffman’s character discovers Faye Dunaway’s character having sex with the soda-shop owner. Maybe because the scene focused on Dunaway’s button-booted feet thrashing around passionately.

  4. That was the best description of this film possible :) I really loved the costumes though, they were gorgeous

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