5 thoughts on “How Contemporary Hairstyles Affect Historical Costume Movies: The 1910s

  1. Interesting and enlightening. When we were doing Age of Innocence, we got handouts from Wardrobe for hairstyles and jewellery. We were supposed to supply as much of our own as possible. My wife didn’t care much for the evening dress top they gave her — it was too tight to start with — so she made a copy of one of the Italian designer tops some of the regular cast were given. It was so good she had a hard time convincing them it was hers.

  2. maybe Du Barry gets all the love because she was executed during the reign of terror? And apparently she made QUITE a fuss about it.

  3. Looking for “historically accurate” hairstyles in a false racist propaganda film that immediately caused violence and spurred the resurgence of a terrorist organization responsible for countless murders, rapes, theft, destruction of property, the systematic social, political, and economic disenfranchisement of a particular subgroup of U.S. citizens, and politically and economically destabilizing numerous parts of the U.S. to solidify racial apartheid. Interesting…

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