4 thoughts on “How Howards End Sent Me Around the World

    1. I loved this post! The house in Howards End is so gorgeous–because it’s a home, and not a stately one. It’s got wonky floors, and low ceilings, and piles of books around. There’s a National Trust house in the south of England called Charleston House, which belonged to Virginia Woolf’s family–lots of artists and writers–and has a similar, very lived-in feel. There are rooms that are decorated by the family–their own art projects stenciled on the fireplaces and beams. The final room that you see on the tour is the wonderful art studio, and the cottage garden is beautiful.
      I also loved your Blo Norton experience! Is that Warwickshire? There are a number of Norton names there. Do you all travel with steamer trunks for those beautiful outfits?

    1. …this blog post was fun, and I do like to travel, makes one more humble about ones’ own place in the world and history. But like Moya I did want to hear about the costumes in the film as well.

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