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    1. I loved that one! I have the DVD. I’d call it vaguely historically-inspired fantasy with some awesome women’s costumes that manage to look Byzantine AND pre-Raphaelite.

  1. I hadn’t realized Sam Neill was in so many frock flicks. He’s totally why I gave the new Zhivago a chance, but I’ll admit I wasn’t into it and moved on (also, I love SN as an actor, but replacing Rod Steiger is a tall order).

    For me, Sam Neill will always be Capt. Ramius’ first mate—who never got to go to Montana with any wives. Not a Frock Flick, but a) his accent was creditable; b) he took a secondary role and just made him so wonderful that literally everyone is upset at his demise.

  2. Besides one of the best movies ever made (My Brilliant Career), My favourites are One Against the Wind and The Piano. I really enjoyed his chemistry with the brilliant Judy Davis.

  3. Between Jurassic Park and The Jungle Book, he pretty much defined my childhood. I luv him. I wish now that he’s older, he’d stop playing skeezy dues and/or rapists tho. Ugh. (I cried over his downfall in The Tudors, tho.)

  4. Reilly. OMG. Bought a CD with the Shostakovich composition used as the theme song. And while The Tudors stank, Neil was so great at Wolsey. Wolsey held Henry and the realm together for close to 20 years, only Neil portrays him as a heroic and tragic character.

  5. Fantastic actor – and for me he just has that “something”. Don’t ask me what, he’s just got it. I’ve seen quite a few of the films listed here, from Ivanhoe and Reilly to Tutankhamun, and with some he was the only reason I watched, I admit!

    Love him in Ivanhoe actually, even though he plays the baddie and the costumes are… well…
    But yes, his most heartbreaking bit will always be “I should have liked to have seen Montana…”! Another vote for Red October here. There’s also The Dish, which is a great little movie and he was great in it, but it’s just off the radar here I guess as it’s set in 1969. Definitely worth watching.

    If you really want to laugh and get a good dose of Kiwi humour, check out Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Nothing historical, but so much fun!

  6. OMG…Kendra! HOT or attractive or whatever other “good” adjective you want to use = YES when applied to Sam Neill!! And why am I only just now seeing a picture of this man in a toga??!!! Gotta find “The Dovekeepers” now!

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