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  1. Look him up as the crazy rapist-mutilator of poor Lavinia in Julie Taymor’s film of Titus Andronicus – an indelible horrorshow.

    If they remade Clockwork Orange, he should play Alex! Come to think of it, he basically DOES play Alex in most roles, eh my droogs.)

  2. Putting on my proofreader’s hat here, in re: “Ride With the Devil” caption #2: petulant is an adjective, not a noun. And with those greasy long locks, I’m getting more of a Jason Mewes vibe than the Bieb. :)

  3. Sleezy, but you forgot Gormenghast. My least favourite JRM is his Henry VIII. He was too short, not ginger enough hairwise and where was Henry’s charm. Which is strange since I love Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn.

    1. I thought about it, but we try to stick with historical movies/TV shows here, not fantasy… Plus I haven’t seen Gormenghast!

      1. Eck, don’t waste your time on Gormenghast. I got through 40 minutes before I just went “WTF? This is weird even by my standards!” Maybe it’s better drunk….

      2. I have to admit: I ADORE Gormenghast. The costumes are totally killah. I don’t tend to rewatch things often, but it’s on my perennial sewing movie list.

  4. He’s definitely a one note. A slimy, slimy one note. With extra slime.

    My nails on the chalkboard historical actor is Carey Mulligan. If they always cast her as the forlorn puppy drip she always seems to project I wouldn’t mind. But she keeps getting these “strong woman” roles. No, just no.

  5. Yay for the return of Snark Week!

    I’ve never actually watched JRM in anything, but I’ve seen lists of hot men with him on it and was always so confused. Were they looking at the same pictures I was?

    Ordinarily I’m sympathetic to people with very oily/greasy hair. I battle that myself, so I know what it’s like to try not to look homeless and fail miserably on a regular basis. (For that reason, I even felt the need to defend Snape’s hair when Ron and Harry insulted that in the books.) But Meyer doesn’t even seem to be trying, so he doesn’t get a pass from me.

    But that being said, thank you, thank you, thank you for the first photo. That made me laugh way too hard at work. :)

  6. Worst of the worst? Ryan Philippe in Gosford Park. He may have ruined other costume flicks too, for all I know.

      1. He played an American actor working “undercover” to improve his accent and “study,” so yes to both questions! :-P. Though in his defense, I think he was SUPPOSED to have a terrible accent…

  7. “Here he looks like Justin Bieber, and not in a good way.”

    Wait, there’s a good way to look like Justin Bieber???

    Also, it pisses me off SO MUCH that he was Dracula. How dare this slimeball defile my vampire fandom. Not cool.

        1. Don’t do us the injustice of conflating “Canadian” and “Justin Bieber fan”. Most of us want him stripped of citizenship.

  8. Part of me thinks he’s really handsome but most of me can’t understand the roles he chooses. Gormanghast is my favorite role of his and again he an evil, sleazy, egomaniac.

  9. About ten years ago, there was talk of casting him as Schmendrick the Magician in a live version of The Last Unicorn. I haven’t been able to see him as anything else since, though I admit I haven’t seen any of the above shows; August Rush is the only flick I’ve seen him in.

      1. I guess I considered him doofy rather than slimy; though the gallery above certainly supports your objection

  10. Oh gods.
    Dracula had potential (and could have been good with some changes in the script and a costume designer who knew their shit) But why did they have to cast him oh gods? why? *shakes fist*

    (Lemme guess he was one of the producers, wasn’t he?)

  11. You know how, when you click the link to a page on your FB feed, it gives you suggestions to other related pages? After I read this, I am unfortunately 99% sure that one of the random links Facebook suggested for me was to a nude picture of JRM…at least, from what I could tell from the thumbnail. JESUS, MY EYES! *shudder*

    So I have to thank you for an inadvertently horrifying end to my day! :D

  12. I so approve of this post.

    JRM keeps turning up in costume dramas and I screech NOOOOO! every time it happens. I can’t even… who thought casting him in “The Tudors” was a good idea?! I laugh insanely every time I watch the first couple of episodes, and they parade the Duke of Buckingham around — a burly redheaded actor who would have been perfect for Henry.

    Oh, well. Someday I’ll get over it.

      1. Totally! He’s more a believable age for the pairing with Katharine of Aragon too (she was seven years older than Henry, NOT FIFTEEN!!).

  13. I know that the symbolism in the over the top consuming of the pomagrante, but still yuck! Henry was a cultured king known for his manners. JRM was the absolute worst casting choice.

  14. I know that “movies set within the bloggers’ lifetimes don’t count as historical,” but I have a soft spot for him in Velvet Goldmine.

    I used to have quite the crush on his looks when he was still a skinny little twink. I mean, the lips! The cheekbones! And he’s good at playing the petulant brats and the fops.

    I read in interviews that he deliberately bulked up and cut his hair in order to get more traditionally masculine roles, because he was tired of being cast as androgynous and/or gay…and unfortunately he still kept playing jerks, and they weren’t PRETTY jerks anymore, and I quit enjoying them so much. Sad.

    1. Totally agree, he was a perfect Bowie surrogate in Velvet Goldmine. And Ewan MacGregor in the film, woof.

  15. JRM didn’t write the script, but I can still blame him for reducing Henry VIII to one giant shlong.

    Henry VIII was already a giant schlong, as far as I’m concerned.

  16. I only discovered the site now and have been devouring the snark week posts. When I saw this article I felt so sad it was posted in 2016, because with JRM joining Vikings y’all would have a fucking field day :’)

  17. It’s not easy to make Henry VIII look worse than he really was. JRM manages it.

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