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  1. James Villiers in First Churchills, Rufus Sewell & Rupert Everett are my favourites. John Malkovich did a great job, but Johnny Depp was the movie. I need to see Jeremy Northam in New Worlds (what’s it about?– The Colonies?)

  2. There was Jeremy Clyde in “By the Sword Divided” – he was in the episode “Ashes to Ashes” in the first series, and in “Restoration” at the end of the second series.

    1. Correction: Jeremy Clyde played Charles I; Charles II was played by Simon Treves, who appeared only in the second series. (And neither was in the “Ashes to Ashes” episode.)

  3. James Villiers was my first and still favorite Charles II. Caught all his facets!

  4. I still remember James Villiers’ Charles saying to James Duke of York (his brother): ‘Jamie, you have the soul of a medieval Pope.’ His Grace took it as a compliment, too.

  5. I just love Rupert Everett as Charles. Well, with his amazing speaking voice I think I’d love him in anything, but as Charles he was just perfect. He nailed the Merry Monarch bit, but also gave him such wonderful subtle nuance and depth.

  6. James Villiers – I cannot read about Charles II without hearing his voice in my head. It was perfect casting – right down to his height!

    1. This one was a bit before my time, but Rupert Everett’s only like two inches taller than the historical Charles- like Henry VIII before him, he was a giant among men (the huge Cosimo de Medici was one of his maternal ancestors), & he dwarfed almost everyone else around him- & there were only a handful of people who hit close to his height; his brother, James- who was said to be about 6 ft, or close to it (according to their Parliamentary WANTED posters, Charles was ‘over 2 yards high’ & James was ‘2 yards’) & his cousin, Rupert, who was taller, still.

  7. The only one I’ve actually seen is Versailles, but Rupert Everett and Michael York are tied for best looking in my opinion.

    And I want to steal ALL THE PUPPIES.

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