11 thoughts on “Reader Request Review: Frenchman’s Creek (1998)

  1. As a rule of thumb, just about anything Anthony Delon played in is not worth watching… He’s not his father, acting wise.
    And I feel I must speak up in favor of Sari fabric and especially sari trim: Such work! the beading! The embroidery!… And more for me, the price! (I haz budget for my sewing hobby, sadly)
    You can find awesome antique stuff for prices that left me dizzy with joy. Of course, I’ll use mine on Victorian gowns, so I’m more in period.
    But for that one, I can hear the costume department wailing about another budget cut… Almost covered by the sobbing coming from the hairdressing trailer, methink.

    “Oh woe,
    Where did all the hairpins go?”

  2. Is it just me or doesn’t the last picture look really 1912-1914 “European traveller in Egypt” ?

  3. I love the costumes in the 1944 Frenchman’s Creek SO MUCH (that orange tissue gown! squee!) so it’s weird to see an inverse of the usual costuming truism. Here’s a 1990s movies where the costumes and hair are, for the most part, bad, as opposed to the 1940s movie, where the costuming and hair are very good. Also, I don’t get the time period change, from the 1660s of the book and the first film, to the 1680s. It’s weird and it doesn’t look like it makes a lot of sense. I’m glad I’ve given it a miss; given my love for the earlier film, it looks like it would make me cranky.

  4. Didn’t even know this version existed. However, based on what I’ve seen here, I’ll give it a pass. I liked the earlier one, but at the time I wasn’t paying attention to the costumes.

  5. Slight tangent but the film looks like it was filmed in the Painted Hall in Greenwich which is near where I live :-) Pretty stunning place and Greenwich naval college is used alot in these sort of productions.

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