16 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: OK, OK, We Reviewed The Lady and the Highwayman (1988)!

  1. I remember it fondly (it was the year that I thought Hugh Grant was just the bees knees). This was the second Cartland romance given a budget and actual good cast (first was “Hazard of Hearts” with HB-C and Diana Rigg).

  2. I saw this when I was about ten and could never remember the name. I particularly remember that dress with the yellow bows down the front.

  3. Back in my high school quest to see ALL the costume dramas, I bought that crap DVD off Amazon and watched it and thought the plot was decent, but the quality was so bad, I just chucked it in the ‘donate’ pile. Actually, now that I think about it, I might have pawned it off on some friends who liked the story. ;)

  4. I haven’t looked at my copy of it for awhile, but I don’t remember any tech problems. Sure, the story has a few cliches, but the wardrobe is good, the hair is good, and the actors are more than competent. It’s certainly not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll look at it again this weekend, and if it’s good quality, I’d be willing to pass it on to FF for a second look.

  5. I have this on DVD but haven’t watched it even though I watched a bunch of those Cartland movies from the same era in a row. It looks totally fine! Honestly the others also looked fine from what I remember, aside from the usual problems from that time, i.e. polyester satin and weird hair.

    I’ve always heard it’s a bad movie though maybe that is what people mean. The other Cartland movies I watched seemed to all have different versions of the same plot.

  6. Charles II was a total man-slut but he was loyal to the women he loved, standing by them through thick and thin, and that includes Catherine of Braganza. He sat with her when she was sick, anddefended her when the anti-papists went after her. Eventually she accepted that she’d have to share him and Samuel Pepys wrote in his famous diary that the queen had become a mistress, meaning she was getting as much attention as Charles’s other women – which beat being neglected.

    1. Eww 🤮 not you trying to justify this. All I can is he provided. i feel bad for the queen or maybe your the type that’s really cool with open relation your probably in one. Oh well whatever.

    2. Oh and by the way obviously she has to share him like he is the king. If she thought she can get rid of the others then she is stupid af.

  7. I seem to remember one with Stephanie Beacham as a woman in the regency era with a sword stick about smuggling but I may be mis-remembering it.

  8. I watched this on Youtube and have it on now as background. Hugh’s mullet was the star for me. As for the movie, it is not horrible, kind of like the early version 1945 of the Wicked Lady, one I watch from time to time. That one has the woman as “highwayman” and is an entertaining film, to me at least. But this one is not terrible…also A Hazard of Hearts falls into same category with a young Helen Bonham Carter…

  9. Is it just me, or is Hugh Grant giving off serious Robert Pattinson vibes in the top photo?

  10. The costumes and hair look very good (the eye shadow not so much, but it’s ’80s period drama…). And that’s a fantastic cast, apart from Lysette Anthony, who is competent but tends toward the vapid-blond look I find off-putting https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097707/fullcredits/?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm

    Pity about the lousy video-to-DVD quality. There are movies I’d like to see again–“Porgy and Bess” comes to mind–that I can’t bear to watch in such a sad state.

  11. I grew up watching this movie. I’ve always loved it. My son’s name is Lucius. 🙂🙂

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