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  1. I liked him in Bleak House; I think he played William Guppy, a law clerk who is not a bad guy but stirs up speculations about 2 of the characters. He played a really ugly man in And Then There Were None. Wasn’t he in Torchwood as well, but that’s a fantasy show.

    1. If only the word “neckbeard” existed in the 19th century, his name would have been William Neckbeard.

  2. Bleak House is the only Dickens that does not make me as ill as most of them do. I enjoy the tangled laws and contracted cases regarding inheritance once they hit the chancery court. Also watching the obsession of Richard grow to obscene degree as he becomes increasingly involved in the case. I likes Burn as Guppy, whose character is pretty hysterical, though not intentionally, maybe.

  3. “The Hour” was about a TV show of that name and set in the mid-50s, including the 1956 Suez crisis. It was an excellent series with an impressive cast-list including Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw.

  4. You would love the costumes in Bleak House………watch it with the sound down??

  5. I can’t stand Dickens either but I found this particular production of Bleak House enjoyable. Gillian Anderson helped a lot.

  6. He’s one of those consummate character actors you love to hate. In a recent-ish interview/panel for the fourth season of “The Expanse,” Mr. Gorman gestured self-deprecatingly at himself and said “Arsehole.” Co-star Wes Chatham reports that he’s one of the nicest guys you could meet.

  7. “Turn.” He didn’t have that much to do in Enola Holmes,” and I haven’t seen that much of his other stuff. I used to play Dickens, but I didn’t care that much for his work. Somebody should do a movie of his life, though; he was quite the ladies’ man — but not quite as much as H.G. Wells!

  8. I can’t help but feel a little squicky each time I see him in something. I’m not sure if it’s his build, or something else I can’t identify. He just looks pointy, or ferrety, or I don’t know what. I’ve only seen him in Torchwood, Enola Holmes and The Expanse. In Torchwood, his character Owen was sort of an antihero and he brought a lot of nuance to the role. I can appreciate that.

  9. I know it doesn’t get much love around here but I love Turn and I just really adore him as Major Hewlett. He’s such a complex character.

    1. Ah, the demise of his horse and how he was played so hard by everyone in town. I felt bad for him a bit.

  10. He plays another baddie in a couple of episodes of The Man in the High Castle, set in an alternative 1960s, which stars Rufus Sewell.

  11. I loved him in “Turn,” in which he was the most believable British officer throughout most of the show. I forgot he showed up in “Lark Rise” – but then, I was snoozing through the fourth season IIRC.

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