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  1. Gosh, so many FrockFlicks, but gotta go with her portrayal of Maria Cosway in Jefferson in Paris and Alexandra Feodorovna opposite Gandalf as Nicky. Even though Alix was a strawberry blonde.

  2. Jefferson in Paris! A film which I cheerfully maintain is made considerably better by fast forwarding through all the Jefferson bits. 1780s is my favourite decade of all time and Greta Scacchi as Maria Cosway playing a (period correct, squeal!) single-action harp is my aim in (costuming) life! For reference, she’s playing and singing one of Maria Cosway’s own compositions.
    Also Jefferson in Paris has one of my favourite quips to say at the opera house (Rameau’s Dardanus I seem to remember): ‘Come and talk to me while we yawn our way through the ballet’…..

  3. I’m just glad that there is someone else who prefers the Kate Beckinsale Emma over the Paltrow version!

    1. Yes! Forever it did seem that my mum, my sister, and I were the only ones that strongly supported the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma.

      As for my fav Scacchi film? Probably The Odyssey, for she seems to take shoddy written and directed material (through no fault of hers) and turn it into something palatable for watching – becoming the silver lining in productions – I felt this also in Brideshead and War & Peace.

  4. I have always been a huge fan of Broken Trail. It, and Greta, portray women as they really were in the American West. They’re often frumpy, ethnic, and clearly not the cream of society. Admittedly, costumes aren’t the focal point in this film, but, well, there it is.

  5. Not a Greta comment … but if you are interested in debauched colonial Kenya, I recommend In the Heat of the Sun … a short (3 episode) series that Mystery did several years ago.

    1. I loved Heat of the Sun. The cast was super. Trevor Eve, Susannah Harker, Julian Rhind-Tutt And I suppose you could call it a running gag how the ‘super’ kept forgetting the name of the very competent Kenya policeman, Jonah Karendi. Even the Governor remember it.

  6. She was also in “The Red Violin” playing the crazy, tempestuous lover of a crazy, tempestuous violinist. Not my favorite segment of that movie because its tone was so over-the-top and different from the other segments.

  7. White Mischief is such a great movie! It’s just so very sexy. And it features Charles Dance at peak hotness.

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