12 thoughts on “TBT: Daniel Deronda – Episode 1

  1. I love the dresses in this series! I watched this so long ago that I admit to forgetting most of the plot, but I’m a fan of both Romola Garai and bustle dresses, so I remember enjoying the viewing.

  2. I lurve this show so much, it’s sheer perfection. From Gwendolyn’s selfishness to her becoming a better caring person, to the subtle beauty of Mira (Jodhi May) and her quest for fame and homeland)and Hugh’s Daniel and Lord Granville’s (oops) villain. It’s got all: fashion with museum quality clothes (think Charles Frederick Worth 1872 Green ball gown at Met) designed by Mike O’Neill, Opera, A mother giving up her child (melodrama) and amazeballs costumes.
    And the poignantly plight of the Jews.

  3. I know this show best from when Kendra made a couple of striped outfits inspired by this show. I’m guessing that striped dress shows up in a later episode.

  4. I love, love, LOVE this miniseries. Gwendolyn is such a brat, she’s a delight to watch. Also, it handled the darker themes of the book (prejudice, abuse, etc) really well. AND IT’S GORGEOUS.

  5. I’m POSITIVE that the archery scene costumes are closely based on/inspired by a reasonably famous 1872 painting by William Powell Frith called “The Fair Toxophilites” one of whom is wearing a similar red skirt/cream bodice/jacket combo….

  6. I feel the need to watch this now – the costumes look amazing, and I’ve just realized that mum is played by Amanda Root, aka Anne Elliot in the 1995 Persuasion

  7. Hooray! I’ve been hanging out for you to do a more detailed review of the dresses, as this has always been one of my top pics for most beautiful clothes. There are so so many amazing dresses and some gorgeous ones in the next few episodes!

  8. This costuming is amazing. I love the red dress during the archery competition, and the small details like the notebook at her waist are spot-on. I missed the series when it was on, but I can see I’ll have to hunt it down.

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