7 thoughts on “North and South (2004) short review

  1. *I know this is an old posting just needed to ad*
    I LOVED this! and I’ve also determined in the years since that Richard Armitage could recite me the phone book, as long as he’s looking at me and I’d probably swoon.

  2. Adding also to another old post. (it is one of those kind of days) I really love this series. It is one of the best of the best. My only gripe on the costuming is the often inappropriate outdoor wear, ie the lack of gloves and that scene where Margaret walks through the streets at night in a evening gown with bare shoulders.

  3. Another add to an old post… in the final episode where Thornton is standing in the snow watching Margaret drive away, muttering “look back at me… look back at me…” How many of us were screaming at the telly “Look back! LOOK BAAAAAAAACK, YOU STUPID TWIT!”

  4. Does anyone else think that Richard needs some Man Candy Monday love? I know he was in this (obviously- this is where I fell in love with him!), had a cameo in ‘Captain America’ 1, & the ‘Robin Hood’ BBC series as Guy of Gisborne (Holliday Grainger was briefly in that, as was Laura Pulver, from the dreaded ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’)… I know leather trousers aren’t period… but he does fill them out so nicely!
    I’m not sure if he’s got any other FrockFlicks under his belt or not, but it’d be cool to find out.
    Oh, & a Woman Crush Wednesday idea: Rachel Hurd-Wood; she has at least ‘Peter Pan’ (late 19th c), ‘Dorian Grey’ (early-mid, to late 19th c), ‘Perfume’ with the late Alan Rickman (18th c), ‘Solomon Kane’ (it’s somewhat fantastical, but it’s very clearly said to be late 16th/ early 17th c- & it has James Purefoy!), & ‘An American Haunting’ (some time in the 19th c) to her credits.

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