6 thoughts on “TBT: Daniel Deronda – Episode 3

  1. Argh on the red gown, too.

    Thanks again for the deep dive of an amazing costumed series.

  2. Is the rando with amazing hair the lady in the crinoline on the left of the polonaise line-up? That looks like a big lace bertha, and a similar green under it.

    I can just about get the idea that this lady is old enough to have stopped updating her look. That may not have been a thing in the late 19th century as it had been in previous generations, but even if so, I think it’s forgivable.

    And yes, the corset-next-the-skin trope – yech! But the fact that these actresses must really suffer in those scenes apparently doesn’t cause anyone to wonder ‘if wearing a corset next the skin is that painful, perhaps they just didn’t do it?’ Instead, the actresses just give interviews telling everyone how uncomfortable period costumes were, but that they were willing to suffer for the sake of giving the public true authenticity!

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