4 thoughts on “Beetle-Wing Embroidery in the 18th Century – Where Fashion and Fantasy Collide

  1. I bought a bunch of elytra for a project, and they arrived smelling very strongly of mothballs, so I have been vaguely wondering if the insects were “ranched” and then killed using mothballs, so knowing they can be swept up from the ground is interesting. Thanks!

  2. ooh, really interesting! the shimmer is incredible so I can see the appeal, but I don’t think I’d want to sew them on myself. also, must’ve been terrible to replace.. but then if you’re in the beetle wing embellishment crowd I suppose you can probably afford it?

  3. The National Trust here in the UK has a fabulous beetle wing Lady Macbeth costume worn by the actress Ellen Terry in 1888. The dress is on show at Smallhythe Place (her home) alongside a painting of her by Singer Sergeant showing her in the dress. It is wonderful!

  4. Very interesting and entertaining as well as learning about beetle wing embroidery. I’d seen the Victorian dresses and Ms Terry’s dress as well as the Sargent portrait. But there’s a green 1890s Russian Court Gown inspired beetle wing gown.

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