3 thoughts on “Emma (1996) short review

  1. I wasn’t that impressed by this adaptation of “Emma” in compare to the other three versions. Kate Beckinsale wasn’t that funny in 1997. Actually, Doran Godwin was funnier. Andrew Davies’ script seemed more focused on class distinction in the Highbury neighborhood than Austen’s novel. I also thought that Samantha Morton was a bit wasted.

  2. I absolutely love this film while also being quite amazed at how very 1990s the costuming is looking back – brown velvet floppy hats, V neck ruffles, more brown – fascinating!

  3. Id argue that the costuming leaves a lot to be desired. I think Emma and Mrs Weston divided Mrs Bennet 95’s wardrobe between them. And the only actual colour anyone ever seems to wear is mint green? Everything else is a Study in Brown.

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